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Why Working on WiFi Sucks

Working on a WiFi network can be great. I can move around the house and if it's cold in the mornings I don't need to get out of bed I can just switch on the laptop and get going. But it certainly isn't problem free.

The first obvious problem (obvious since I'll bet my car we've all been there at least once) is not getting a strong enough wireless connection. I've already posted about using a wireless repeater so I won't get into that too much but I think having a rubbish connection to the internet is probably more frustrating than having no connection at all. Sometimes this is caused by something you've done (like the positioning of the wireless repeater or moving around your furniture) and other times external forces like the neighbours wireless network causes interference.

working wifi

Either way it gets annoying fast. Using a cable doesn't have this problem of course but I can't exactly run a cable around the house in the same way as the WiFi (usually) lets me move.

The other issue is one not enough people talk about. We're all enormed with the idea of working out of coffee shops and public places with a laptop. You see it in the movies and people replicate that everywhere you go.

But public networks come with some real security issues. Heck in some cases you think you're connecting to a Starbucks network but an attacker has knocked that network offline and is hosting a network himself with the same name just so he can collect your login information as you use it. And while working we tend to put some pretty important login details through that connection.

WiFi is great. Just think before you connect.

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